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modernity art tie 

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Multi-use Tie: The Pros

Product name: Multi-use Tie

12 uses of one tie

It has two sides, so if black is chosen for one of the sides, it can be appropriate for funerals.

It has a soft look and can be used as single or double.

Does not drag on tables or get caught on other items.

Only used around the neckline, and doesn't pose inconvenience to any day-to-day activities.


As one tie can be used to create 12 different shapes, the cost benefit is also 12 times.


Single use allows softer edges and softer look, and double use allows for streamlined look.

Double use allows the color contrast to show by choosing two different colors for inside and outside.

Can also be used as a bow tie.

High word-of-mouth effect and great aesthetics.

Small and easy to carry and store

Great Hallyu item.


For further information, please visit in the photo section under Men's Formal Clothes.  The website also contains other items like kitchen items and equipment.


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