용도:문구/사무/공작/화방/다 용도용

■Purpose: Stationery / Office / ball action, hwabang for / multi-purpose

HIT500 상품선정 중진공에 키워드 조리미 로 검색해보세요!.

HIT500 Product Award (cooked rice), Small Business Corporation

신동 썰래미 문구,사무,공작,화방용 및,가정에서 다 용도 다 기능으로 채소를

다듬거나 화초를 다듬을,때도 널리 사용 된다!!.






 썰래미 내용 자세히



Shindong Ssolami's Pros

 This invention can be used in schools, offices, for industrial purposes, and art studios.  It can be used to cut or pinch wires, and make various shapes such as leaves, crickets, butterflies, hearts, squid, flower petals, birds, Pentatomidae, Korean traditional masks, and fruits.  It has a unique design and has multi-uses, and designed safely enough for both adults and kids to use.

Especially because the handle has more weight, it is useful to cut wires, and the holes on top of the blade can be used to put metal wires through to bend or move.

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